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Fakta Vaksin Covid-19 Yang Perlu Di Ketahui

Fakta Vaksin Covid-19 Yang Perlu Di Ketahui

Vaksin COVID-19 Yang sudah tiba di Indonesia dan telah dilaksanakan pada hari rabu (13/1/2021) memunculkan berbagai isu yang membuat masyarakat ragu tentang keamanan dan kehalalannya. Banyaknya orang yang belum memahami mengenai proses distribusinya juga membuat...

PCR Swab Berbeda Dengan Rapid Test

PCR Swab Berbeda Dengan Rapid Test

PCR Swab atau yang lebih di kenal dengan swab test adalah pemeriksaan test laboratorium untuk medeteksi material-material genetik dari sel, bakteri ataupun virus. Metode PCR swab salah satu yang di gunakan untuk mendeteksi genetik virus corona (covid-19) dalam tubuh....

One-stop portal to store electronic medical records

Empowering Patients

HubSehat  provides you with the capabilities to store and track your own health records. With personalized Health Dashboard, all your health-related information are only a finger-click away. Track not just your own health records, but also all your family member health conditions such as your children’s next vaccination schedule. Easily scan and see your lab tests & radiology results, access them with ease anywhere with your mobile phone, now there’s no need to worry about forgetting your health documents for your next visit to the doctor.

Endowing Doctors

Hubsehat give doctors an easy way to search patient’s health profile & access with ease the medical record history of the patient. Now with HubSehat, doctors are geared with the holistic picture of patient’s health condition. No need to worry about losing patient’s health profile because everything is in the cloud and accesible from anywhere.

Doctor’s profile can also be viewed by the entire registered patient in the Hubsehat, therefore growing the doctor’s digital presence free of charge.

Equipping Doctors,
Empowering Patients.



Dashboard for doctor

to see the fact & figures related to disease & infection sorted by region, gender, etc.


Manage Schedule

Manage Doctor’s practice schedule & office


Record & see patient visitation easily

such as recording diagnosis, treatment and prescription


Allergies Notification

Receive notification about patient’s allergies while prescribing medicine to patient.


Monitor your daily record

Monitor how many visit per day and how many new patients register per day

Doctor App
Patient Medical Record

Your Personal
Medical Records



Personal Dashboard

for observing various informa- tion related to your health condition.


Scan your lab test results instantly

without the need to type-in the result one by one manually.


Record your medical records

Record both your personal as well as your family member’s medical record, vital sign, medicine or supplements intake from time to time


Immunization & Allergies

Keep track of your immunization history and set reminder for your next immunization. Record and allert your own allergies for food or medication.


Easily attach your lab test & radiology document

or other important document, so there is no more worries about forgeting to bring your documents during your next doctor visit

Patient Immunization Profile

Achieving Stronger
Healthier Community

Empowering you to achieve a healthy life by connecting your health care journey seamlessly with doctors.