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Basic Profile

How to access my profile?

To access your profile, push menu and select manage account, you will be shown your profile basic information, member under your account and the other user account whom you shared with or shared to you.

How to edit my profile?

From the menu , you can select “Edit profile” to be taken to the editing page where you can change your basic information.

How to change my profile picture?

From the profile picture screen, you can click the image button  to select your new profile picture or capture it directly from your phone’s camera. Or you can click the delete button  to remove the current profile picture.

How to change my password?

From the menu, you can select “Change password” to be taken to the editing page where you must input your current password and then input your new password.

I want to record health condition for my family (parent/child, etc.) Can I do that?

Of course, you can add your family as a member under your main account. From the profile screen, click the menu, you can then select “Add member” to be taken to the page where you can register your family and set their basic information.

All the member under your account will be shown in the “Member” screen

Can I delete my member account?

Yes, you can delete your member account by clicking the delete button  in the member list.

Please note that all the health condition data related with the member account will be deleted too.

I want to disclose my health condition to my family or friends. Can I do that?

Sure, you can choose to disclose your health condition to your family or friends. First, make sure that your family or friend is already a registered user in HubSehat.  Then From the profile screen, click the menu and select “Share account” to be taken to the page where you need to input the email account of your family or friends that you want to share your account with.

After that, we will show you the confirmation screen to make sure that you share your account to the right person.

I’ve shared my account. What’s next?

You can see all the account that you shared with under “Shared To” screen, in which you can decide if you want to give the user:

  • Full access (the user can see and allowed to add your health condition for you)
  • Read only access (the user can only see your health condition)

How to stop sharing my account?

When you decide to stop sharing your account to another user. From the “Shared To” screen, simply select the user and push the delete button.

Another HubSehat user share their account with me, what to do?

When you receive notification that there’s another user that want to share their account, you can then go to the “Shared with me” screen to accept or reject the request.

After you accept the sharing request, you can see the type of access that the original user given to you.

Can I stop receiving access to another user’s health condition?

Yes, this can happen in two way. The first is if the original user stop sharing their account with you. Or if you yourself want to stop receiving access to another person account, you can simply click the delete button.

How to switch between account?

So, you have created some member under you and other user have shared their account with you, how to access their account?

After login, Open the menu  and click switch account icon. It will open a window which will show all your member and shared account. Simply select the user you want to switch into.

Recording your health information

How to start recording your health information?

To start recording your health information, click the menu and select Health Profile. By default, the first page that will be shown to you is the sign and symptom page. And if you want to navigate into another page, then you can click the menu  beside the Health Profile label :

The Navigation Structure is as below:

  • Medical Record
    • Sign and Symptom
    • Diagnose
    • Procedure
    • Medication
  • Vital Signs
    • Blood Pressure
    • Body Temperature
    • Heart Rate
    • Respiratory Rate
  • Body Mass Index / Child Grow
  • Lab Test
  • Immunization
  • Allergy
  • File


How can I record my health condition?

Fist click the dropdown icon to expand and show the input form. Then you can change the date to match the actual occurrence date and select or input the health condition that you have.

I can’t find my exact health condition. Can I make a suggestion?

Yes, you definitely can. If you can’t find your health condition during input the data, either it’s your symptom, diagnose, procedure or your medication, simply type in manually and save your condition. You will be asked if you want to suggest it for us.  HubSehat is constantly learning and evolving. For HubSehat, user feedback is critical for this process and we would love to hear from you!

Can I change or delete my health condition?

You can change or delete any health condition that you record by your own. Select the condition and then click the menu. You can select if you want to edit or delete the record.

Note that you are not allowed to change or delete any health condition record that is originated from your healthcare provider.

My Healthcare provider is using HubSehat, can I get my health information directly?

Yes, you can. We believe that the medical record is the right of each patient. But before you can receive any health condition that your healthcare provider is recording, you must first request to sync your private account with your doctor account.

To start synchronzing your private account with your doctor account, your need to:

  • Ask your doctor ID in Hubsehat
  • Ask for your patient ID from your doctor
  • Make sure that your mobile number data is updated in your doctor patient information (we will sent OTP confirmation to your mobile to make make sure the medical record is given to the right person)

First input your patient ID from your doctor and your doctor’s ID, then click search. You will be shown the confirmation screen. Make sure it’s the correct person, and then click Sync.

You will then receive OTP in your mobile phone, which you must enter in the system.

After you successfully sync your account, every time your healthcare provider record your condition (symptoms, diagnose, treatment, prescription, etc), it will be automatically updated in your health profile information.

Inputting Lab Test record one by one is tedious task, any other way to do it?

Yes, we understand that sometimes your lab test result consists of a lot of items, and input them one by one is tedious. But don’t worry, Hubsehat provide a way to scan your lab test result directly into our system.

From the lab result page, click the “Scan lab result” button. Then upload your lab result (pdf of image file) and click process.

There will be a preview screen for you to confirm the scan result. You can modify any incorrect data before you save the lab test record.

I have an X-Ray picture, where can I save this data?

You can save or attach any of your health condition supporting document in the Health Profile “File” section.  Expand the File, to open the toolbar. Where you can sort, change view, create a folder to manage your file, upload, move around file or delete any file you’ve uploaded.

Simply double click to go into the folder or to preview the Image

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